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This is easy as lovers go

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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2010|06:20 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
i got a call a couple days ago
from the school in tulsa, oklahoma
and they had a couple students either get sick
or not be able to get visas to get into the country
so they will be a bit short for this class
they expressed a lot of interest in having me work there
but they didnt want to have me go through
the trouble of moving down there
and then have nothing for me to do
so they pushed back my start date

if i do indeed end up going to oklahoma
then my start date will be mid to late september
i'm excited because i get to spend more time
with my great adventure family,
i'll get to go camping with them in august,
i wont have to travel so far to go to the gallentine wedding,
i'll get to go to the first day of the iowa state fair,
and best of all...
i'll get to spend more time with anna!
everyday with her is better than the last
i'm so excited to get to know her better
she is amazing!

i'm also in the process of getting in contact
with a couple other flight schools in the area
to see what other opportunities are out there
all that i've found are "part-time"
so i'm praying that God will show me
if His will would have me stay here in the midwest

i was working 3 part-time jobs
but one of them fell through since i said
that i would be leaving...
so these next few months are going to be really slow!
i'm not looking forward to the loss of income,
because i've never been making enough to survive,
but i am looking forward to the free time
to read, study, pray, practice, make music, take pictures,
and all of the above...
so we'll see how God works through this

peace out
and God bless

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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2010|11:18 am]
This is easy as lovers go
yesterday went from a really crummy day
to being pretty flippin awesome!

to start it all off, i was pretty tired at my first job
and when i went to my second job, the people didnt help
lots of people yelling over the phone for no reason
which usually gets me excited, because i very much enjoy
having an overly kind tone of voice with those types of people
but after about 10 calls back to back, and 3 of them
going wrong because i could not help them
i got really tired!
so i did some work elsewhere
and decided to check my email during my break

i got a response from the chief instructor at UD
and he said that he had already chosen, and hired,
another part-time instructor for the full-time position
okay... so, what you're saying is that my two years
of waiting for a full-time position meant nothing?
okay, granted, i dont have a great record with
the chief instructor, but i'm still learning
and finding my passion in teaching
and being full-time would definitely help me
learn really quick
but, instead, they decided to hire a fresh graduate
with no where near as much experience as myself
now, i know this guy, and i respect him. he is a great pilot
but i've been waiting for so long
and i would have appreciated something from the chief
saying, "oh, by the way, you are not on the top of my list, cya!"
instead of sticking around for so long
with hopes of being hired full-time...
of course, there isnt really anywhere else i could have gone...
except to be in oklahoma already

this doesnt really change anything,
because i am all prepared to move to oklahoma
it just makes me a bit angry that i worked so hard
to get somewhere, and never made it
but... thats life, and all i can do is
get up and get right back in the race.
they know now that my passion is teaching
and my goal is to return to Dubuque
this is my home
and the great adventure church is my family
and i cant wait to come back after a year
i know that God is going to do exciting things
i just pray that i can be more trusting
that i have been in the past few weeks
because i've definitely worried about things a bit

i got a chance to talk to some people that really helped
me get my mind back in order
and Anna came over so we could pray about some things
as well as practice the song that we will be singing
at a wedding that is quickly approaching(not really)
but we need to get some practice in before i leave
because she helped me realize that we wont be able
to practice when i leave
duh! sometimes i just cant think
Thanks Anna!

this weekend is the Askren wedding
and i am really excited that Anna is coming with me!
we are going to the rehearsal on friday,
then after the farmers market on saturday,
we'll go to the wedding in the afternoon,
do something sunday morning... i dont know
and head back to Dubuque before Noon

the following weekend is the Duluth Airshow
i will be driving up with Brett on friday
and returning either late sunday or early monday
that should be fun!
hanging out with Brett, representing my alma mater,
and being around airplanes!

the following weekend is EAA Airventure(Oshkosh)
again, i'll be driving up with Brett,
but on Sunday this time, and heading back wednesday
i'm hoping to run into Brenda!
we havent really hung out since last year... at Oshkosh!

the following weekend i will going to a wedding with Anna
she will be singing a few songs
so that should be fun!
i very much enjoy the sound of her voice!
the sad thing is that it will kinda be our last
bit of quality time together, physically
for a long while...
thankfully we will have our phones, the internet,
and a few weddings here and there.
we were invited to lunch with KT and Christy this past sunday
and it was such a great time!
we got a chance to listen to them, and them to us,
and we got a bit of good advice about connecting spiritually
i'm really hoping that we can strive to keep Christ first
in our relationship

i've gone on way too long
then again, its been quite a while since i last updated


Peace out
and God Bless

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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2010|09:08 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
i flew into the quad city airshow today
it was pretty wicked, as it usually is
i got a lot of sun,
but came prepared with sunscreen this time
and only managed to get burned in a couple minor spots
i also managed to take over 150 pictures
which will be uploaded... eventually

i've been trying to get ahold of the flight school
in tulsa, but i still have not been able to talk with them
i will be trying again this week,
because i would really like to find out a more definite date
when they would like me down there
and when i could start working

i'm still praying that i would get the
full-time position with UD
but i'm not counting on it
i trust that God can and will do it
but i'm not sure if it's in His will
that doesnt mean that i'll stop praying about it though
i know that God will be there with me
no matter where i end up going
i would much rather stay here though
so i can connect with anna
and better be able to serve the great adventure church
and do some witnessing to friends and co-workers
that i have been praying about for a while

we had a softball game last night
something about the rules in the church league
just make me want to go crazy
we played a team that beat us 27-1 last time
and this time they only beat us 12-3
so we are improving!

anna is in tucson for her family reunion
i gotta say... i'm pretty jealous of her huge famliy
even though i'm pretty close to my little family
she left on thursday
after many stressful cancellations and delays
i really wish i could have gone with her
but i highly doubt that any of the full-timers at UD
would have given away their weekend
to represent UD at an airshow, as a volunteer, for no pay

karaoke just was not the same without her
and i know its only been a few days
but i already miss having her around
i know she is having just as good of a time
as i'm having at the airshow
but i'll be excited to have her back
and excited to be going out to dinner
with some of the married couples at church
i'm also looking forward to spending time
with brandon and kelsey before i leave for tulsa(possibly)
because i'm still not sure if i will be able to get
time off to make it up for the wedding

well, i better get to bed
so i can be well rested
for another day of sitting in the sun
soaking up vitamin d, watching airplanes, taking pictures
and hopefully getting a nice tan

rock on
and God Bless

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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2010|10:49 am]
This is easy as lovers go
of course
when i thought i had things all figured out
something changes
i was, and still am, all set to go to oklahoma in august
even though i would rather stay here
i am actually going to give them a call today
and finalize some things like the actual date
and any other things i would need to obtain
before i make the move
so... i'm wicked nervous about that
because its part of a big, life changing decision,
which i dont do all of the time

i'm so confident that God will lead me where He wants me to go
i'm not worried... as much as I am nervous
because i am unsure of what is ahead
i'm not worried about it, because i know
that it has already been taken care of in God's eyes
but because i dont know God's plan
and i want, so much, to make the right decision
it makes me nervous

a couple weeks ago i found out that one of the
full-time instructors at UD got an offer elsewhere
and a couple of days ago, i found out that she accepted it
and if this is God opening a door for me to stay
here in Dubuque, then i am doing my best to walk through it
but i'm not on awesome terms with the person that would
be picking the instructor that UD would need to hire
its not that he hates me or anything
but i dont enjoy sitting back and letting things
slide when it comes to flight instructing
so when i see an issue, i attempt to resolve it
and sometimes i make a fool of myself
and not always exactly follow policies and rules
which is fine with me because i'm always learning
i just hope i'm not too much of a fool
for the person doing the picking(he is really hard to figure out)
because i still have so much to learn,
and becoming full-time at UD would definitely
provide the environment to help me do just that
moving to oklahoma would do the same thing...
provide the environment to help me learn,
but i would much rather be here, than there

i still cant get over the fact that i have
such an amazing girlfriend
she is such and outstanding person
even though she cant see it herself.
we've been having a great time getting to
know each other so far
and we've had some great opportunities to just...
sit and talk... its awesome!
i'm very much looking forward to the next year
whether we will be in Dubuque
or i will be in Oklahoma...
either way, i know that it will be an adventure

oh, so i got my permit to play in Galena, IL
and i went down there last saturday
i actually got there just in time
because apparently there are some people that have been
playing at that spot for over 10 years
and i managed to budge in for a couple hours
i just sat there, played some guitar, sang some songs
and came out with quite a bit of cash!
i'll just say that the permit was $25
and it more than paid for itself in 2 hours!
i didnt know what to do with it
since i've never been paid to play music
so i gave half of it to the church
and i think i'm going clothes shopping pretty soon
because i've definitely been wearing the same stuff...
since high school...
sad, i know...
its about to change

on a final note
i might try and start an aviation education blog
if i can find the time and effort
i think it would be fun!
i would have no idea how to advertise it
and get people to read it...
any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2010|04:42 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
i've been keeping up in my actual journal but...
sorry livejournal
i havent been on in a while

Soooo much has happened!

a couple of weeks ago
i was hanging out with the guys from church
and they started talking about married life
and i started thinking about how dubuque has changed me
and how i never thought about getting married
until i came here, and started going to great adventure
the guys then asked me about how anna and i were doing
and i didnt know how to answer
they thought we were dating
which i had never thought about
but i can see now, why they would have thought that
and when i told them that we werent dating
they were surprised
and encouraged me to pursue a relationship with her

i'll cut out some of the weird awkwardness
and make a medium story short
anna soderman and i are now "dating"
i've never liked putting an official term on it
but, yes, you could call it "dating"
i would like to call it something like...
"connecting and getting to know each other
spiritually, and learning what love means
in order to love someone else
with a Godly, selfless love
in hopes that one day God's will
can be revealed"
but i guess if you want to call it "dating"
thats cool too

thursday april 29th was the date
its been going great so far
we've been going out together
about as much as we did before it was "official"
i've got some fun date nights planned for the future
so we'll see what God has in store

i got a call from air cargo carriers,
and got an interview set up with them.
i drove up to milwaukee, wisconsin
and did the interview, which was pretty simple
-50 questions written test from the instrument written
-simulator eval flying instrument appchs in a PCATD
-HR and chief pilot interview with no surprises
-a piss test, and lots of paperwork

it was a great experience
but i did not get a response... :(
i had a chance to chat with the other people
that i was interviewing with
and they all had considerably more time than myself
so its no surprise that they went with them
i was kinda looking forward to flying nights,
relaxing days, and going home on the weekends
even though i'd be based somewhere far away from home
but i would have had to sign a contract for one year
and i would be locked into that with almost no way out

i'm still planning on going down to tulsa, oklahoma
at the end of july to flight instruct
the bad thing there is that there would be no coming home
for quite some time because of the distance
and the insane cost to fly
but i'm not locked in for any certain amount of time
so i can come back in 10 months if i want to
and there is a 30 day probationary period
in which i can decide if this is really right for me

i am praying
and you can be praying for me as well
that on of the full-timers from UD
gets hired on, and sometime SOON!
so i can slip in there full-time
i'm afraid though, that even if one of them leaves
they might be able to justify not hiring another full-timer
and keeping someone on part-time, just giving them
a full-time load of students
which is what i did for a while
it sucks, but it works...

gotta get going

peace out!

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Lee's Summit [Apr. 28th, 2010|12:16 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
Cool thing happened yesterday
I was sitting at the house after work,
when i got a call from the chief flight instructor...
anywho, he filled me in on a situation with
the guys that took a trip down to oklahoma city
to visit the altitude chamber
apparently the head of the aviation department's plane
was sick(broken), and stranded in lee's summit, mo
so i was called to fly a trinidad(my favorite plane we have)
down to lee's summit to pick them up and bring them back
so they could all go to classes today

well, i dropped everything i was doing
because someone paying me to fly is AMAZING!!
and i started gathering all available information
regarding the flight so i could safely make it down there.
i got down there with no problem
but i forgot that the trinidad doesnt start when its hot
so... i tried and tried again, but i ended up
draining the battery!
so, we waited for about a half hour for the
engine and the battery to cool down a bit
and it started right up
but we were worried that we were going to be
spending the night in the FBO, which is sometimes fun ;)
but not always, hehe

so, after the delay, we managed to get off the ground
in lee's summit around 11:50pm, only an hour behind
and returned to dubuque around 1:30am
of course, i didnt get the plane cleaned up
and put away, and put myself in bed until about...
2:30am... so, yeah i was pretty tired when i woke up
this morning at 7am so i could be at Avis at 8:30am
oh... and i will be here until 11pm!!!
yeah, and then i come back in tomorrow at 8:30am
isnt that just awesome!

i'm definitely going to do my best to make it to the
GAC picnic at barrington tonight
and then i'm in the process of organizing something
so "The Buddy Holly Experience" can play
at open mic tomorrow night at The Bank(Silver Dollar)
for those that havent figured it out yet,
The Buddy Holly Experience is just the guys that
played in the band for the play
we rock your socks off!

well, i better get back to work

lessons learned...
-Trinidads(and most fuel injected airplanes)
just will not start when they are hot...
no matter what kind of start you do,
(cold, hot, flooded, etc...)
-I need some new music!
I was listening to my IPod on the flight
and i realized that i have been listening to
the same stuff for the past 6 years
and i have not bought much new music at all...
mainly because i dont have the budget,
but comon! seriously!
i just need to say screw it and buy some new CDs
any recommendations?

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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2010|09:18 am]
This is easy as lovers go
last saturday i had an interview with a flight school
it went really well actually, and i got a call from them
on monday, and they want me to come down there and teach
well... i would love to
but its in tulsa, oklahoma!
needless to say, i've been doing a lot of praying
i dont want to do something that God doesnt want me to do
and if He wants me to go to ohlahoma, then i will
but i would really like to know whether or not
i am making the right decision, so His will is done

i could stay here in dubuque, where i am very well connected
and "comfortable," which is a good and a bad thing.
even though i would have to work 3 part-time jobs to survive
i am very plugged in at church and finally starting to
remember everyone's names.
two ugly people is doing well, and i am really excited
to see where that goes.
that, and the fact that i will just really miss anna
and CP mentioned something about getting a christian band
together and playing some really good music so
i would very much not like to miss out on that

but, if i go to oklahoma, it would only be temporary,
and that means 1 or 2 years
but i would be getting decent pay, LOTS of flight time,
lots of good flight experience, and the opportunity to
leave in a couple years with enough flight time
to be hired on by almost anyone
but then there is the problem of coming back to dubuque
or des moines when i am done, because most likely
all of my friends and connections will have gone
and i'll have to start all over there

i'm thinking way too much about it
and i need to be trusting God
that he will show me the way to go
because i am completely and utterly clueless

this weekend is the flight team breakfast
and it will be the first year that i will be going
and not helping in any way shape or form
$6 all you can eat breakfast, rock on!

oh, and this time next week will be opening night of
the play... for which i am... kinda ready
i still have a couple scenes of lines to memorize
and there are a couple songs that need more practice
that, and this week we will be working with
costume changes, lights, sounds, cameras, etc...
so... i'm not going to say that i'm worried
i'm going to say i am nervously excited
and that it will be a good time
even if i manage to screw it up

peace out all

praying for you paula

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Chicago [Mar. 30th, 2010|11:51 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
got back from Chicago not too long ago
mom was there on business, and she goes all the time
but never gets to see the sights and experience the city
so wendy and i went along to explore, and show her around

i really miss Chicago
if i made enough to afford to live there
i would move there in a heartbeat

wendy and i did plenty of walking...
hard rock cafe, the cool mcdonalds across the street,
wrigley field, hot chocolate, macy's, legoland,
the apple store, garmin...
pretty much everything on michigan avenue for that matter,
navy pier, stained glass museum, the art institute,
the planetarium, and old meigs field(now a park)

we ran into nikki as well
i saw online that she was working at sephora by macy's
so we stopped by and... there she was, hehe
i love running into people i know in different places
unfortunately, we didnt run into anyone randomly
but it was still wicked fun

i was on the el when i got a call from a flight school
i applied for a flight instruction position
at a flight school in tulsa, oklahoma
called riverside flight center
i've been pretty apprehensive about it
because i dont know if i'm willing to move to oklahoma
but thats just it...
its ME thats not willing to move,
but it God wants me to move... then i will
and i'm trusting God to the point that
i'm going to the interview and have been praying
that if i get asked to come and work there
then i think that is God telling me what to do,
but i want to be able to say no if that is what
i feel God is really leading me to do...
i'm all shaken up...
but i know that God will show me the way
when the time comes
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2010|12:13 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
went to texas last week
i havent been back there since 1997
took pictures for jeremy and christina's wedding
and they let me use a nikon d80
i have to admit, it was pretty freakin sweet
it took amazing pictures!
it just took a while to figure out
there are a few little differences from the canon rebel
and i think i got a lot of blurry shots...
but they also let me use an external flash,
which just makes everything look beautiful
especially in poor lighting
i just hope they get the shots they wanted
because it was definitely fun taking them

i enjoyed texas a lot more than i thought i would
i could see myself living there someday
the only things i didnt enjoy so much
were the confusing highways
and constant traffic jams
of course, dubuque roads were just as confusing
when i first moved here... so... yeah...

so, i definitely forgot that my birthday is coming up
oh yeah, i know why, because i dont care, hehe
i dont enjoy getting older, but, such is life
i just have to make sure i dont sit around
and do nothing, like i normally do

i've been working the day shift at Avis lately
but recently got moved to the night shift
but then received the play rehearsal schedule
and that pretty much takes up EVERY night
so... i've been looking for another job
but to no avail
AND one of my students no-showed out of their block
and said that i wasnt encouraging them enough...
which is a bunch of bull-crap,
because they have not been showing up
and have not been studying

God is really working on me
because, again, i am going crazy about
making enough money to survive
and eventually getting a steady job
but i'm not worried...
i'm just praying, hardcore
and doing my best to trust Him
i dont want my job to become my life
i want God to become my life
but i would really like to serve God through my job
but that cant happen unless i have one...
so, i've been doing my best to keep God first

on a better note
i'm going to chicago with my mom and sister next week
i'll be missing quite a bit of work
but i'll be having quite a bit of fun
after i get back from chicago
the home stretch for the play begins
and i'm still having LOTS of trouble
memorizing all of the freakin lines
but after the play
the hardcore job search starts

peace out

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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2010|04:30 pm]
This is easy as lovers go
last night was the first night of staging for the play
it was... interesting to say the least
i do have to admit, actually staging it is really
helping me remember the lines
but we only did a few pages last night
and all i had was a few short lines
i've got a long road ahead of me
and i really dont want to screw it up

we got the staging and rehearsal schedule...
and it turns out that i will be needed
almost every single night of the week
up until the actual performance in april
holy crap!
i did not volunteer for that!
but... i am not a quitter

i could not have found out at a worse time
at one of my jobs, my boss is being told to work
the hours that i usually work, from 9-5
so... i was fine with taking a few less hours
and working more nights...
i dont have any free nights anymore!
so... my hours are once again being cut
and i'm back to losing money every month
of course, its not like i was ever making money

i wish i could say that now i know what its like
to be a "starving artist" but i am neither starving
nor an artist...

i'm pretty excited about texas next week
not only have i not been on a road trip in a long time
but i havent been to texas,
(or anywhere south of kansas city for that matter)
since my 10th birthday
i'm hoping texas will give me an opportunity
to forget about all of the busy-ness
but also allow me to become more confident with
the insane amount of lines i need to memorize for the play

peace out

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